Wednesday, January 6, 2016

To Doodle... or Not To Doodle?

 Hello, all! My last post was a bit sad, so this time I decided to post about some exciting news. Well, it's some exciting news to me at least! I hope you enjoy.

I'm not sure if you guys are aware of this, but at some point during my little twizard life I made some doodles inspired by Wizard101. Some individuals in the community saw my art and liked it, so they asked me to make a drawing of their wizard/pirate. I, happy that they liked my art, took their requests and completed them. I did this anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. I'm not really sure. However, this was around the time that I started drifting away from the twizard community. This caused me to bluntly stop taking requests and at some point during this time I left the community as a whole. I was happy to create art that made others happy, and I enjoyed doing it, but it's not something I continued to do. 
Recently, however, I was reminiscing on how much I enjoyed making art for others. I find it amazing that something so simple can make someone else happy, even if it's just for a moment. So, I made the decision that at some point this year I will once again make these drawings for others. I can't do it right away because my family and I are in the process of moving and most of our stuff is packed away in boxes. This includes my drawing tablet... *cries*

But, I want to start taking requests again. It might not happen soon because like I said, i'm in the process of moving and i'm busy with school, but I will start taking requests anywhere from a few weeks to a few months from now. I will make the announcement once I decide i'm ready to start up again, and I hope that you like my art enough to put in a request of your own! 

For Reference, Here is Some of my Past Art:

This was one of my very first drawings, so it's a bit on the uglier side, haha.

This is a drawing I made following one of @AluraRB 's tutorial when I was first starting out.
A doodle of my main wizard.

A doodle of my life wizard.

A request from a twizard.

A doodle for my cousin (who used to play W101)

A request from a twizard.

A request from a twizard.

A request from a twizard.

A request from a twizard.
These are some of the requests I did for others, I do hope you liked them. Once again, I will let you know when I'm back up and running so that if you are interested you can put in a request of your own! I encourage you to do so.

Happy questing! 

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