Wednesday, January 6, 2016

To Doodle... or Not To Doodle?

 Hello, all! My last post was a bit sad, so this time I decided to post about some exciting news. Well, it's some exciting news to me at least! I hope you enjoy.

I'm not sure if you guys are aware of this, but at some point during my little twizard life I made some doodles inspired by Wizard101. Some individuals in the community saw my art and liked it, so they asked me to make a drawing of their wizard/pirate. I, happy that they liked my art, took their requests and completed them. I did this anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. I'm not really sure. However, this was around the time that I started drifting away from the twizard community. This caused me to bluntly stop taking requests and at some point during this time I left the community as a whole. I was happy to create art that made others happy, and I enjoyed doing it, but it's not something I continued to do. 
Recently, however, I was reminiscing on how much I enjoyed making art for others. I find it amazing that something so simple can make someone else happy, even if it's just for a moment. So, I made the decision that at some point this year I will once again make these drawings for others. I can't do it right away because my family and I are in the process of moving and most of our stuff is packed away in boxes. This includes my drawing tablet... *cries*

But, I want to start taking requests again. It might not happen soon because like I said, i'm in the process of moving and i'm busy with school, but I will start taking requests anywhere from a few weeks to a few months from now. I will make the announcement once I decide i'm ready to start up again, and I hope that you like my art enough to put in a request of your own! 

For Reference, Here is Some of my Past Art:

This was one of my very first drawings, so it's a bit on the uglier side, haha.

This is a drawing I made following one of @AluraRB 's tutorial when I was first starting out.
A doodle of my main wizard.

A doodle of my life wizard.

A request from a twizard.

A doodle for my cousin (who used to play W101)

A request from a twizard.

A request from a twizard.

A request from a twizard.

A request from a twizard.
These are some of the requests I did for others, I do hope you liked them. Once again, I will let you know when I'm back up and running so that if you are interested you can put in a request of your own! I encourage you to do so.

Happy questing! 

Monday, January 4, 2016

How Wizard101 Impacted My Life

Hello, all! This is my third post, and although the past two posts i've made have been pretty lighthearted, I'd like to address something a little bit more serious in this one.

I am here today, writing this post, because of another person. Kelsey Fireheart, a fellow twizard, recently posted a very heartfelt, inspiring, and amazing story of how she grew to be the person she is today through the little game we call Wizard101. The story made you both sad and happy, but in the end it did something very important... it inspired you. I will now share my story.

A lot of us have started playing Wizard101 for different reasons. Some of us started because it looked like a fun little game, others found it through a friend, perhaps you started because you found it similar to another MMO. Regardless of how you first came across the game, we all fell in love with it because we found something we thought was very special. However, in my case, it was an escape. This is a very hard topic for me to talk about because it's something that i've held close to my heart for a very long time. I don't share it very easily. The one person i've told is one of my closest IRL friends. But because i've known this community for a very long time I will now share it with you. It doesn't matter if you just joined this community or if you've been here for 5 years, I am sharing this with you. The twizard community was a very big part of my life during the period of time that I am about to talk to you about, it helped me and it changed me. I am thankful for that. So, if you're a part of this community then you are special to me, and this is for you.

I first came across the game through a commercial that was aired on TV back in 2010. It immediately spiked my interest but I didn't create an account until months later. When I finally did decide to create an account, I couldn't stop playing. I played for hours, created many different characters, and after another few months of playing I finally decided to buy a subscription. Around this time, I was in middle school. Middle school, to say the least, was a time where I was the least happy I have ever been. It was a time where my self esteem was at an all time low, and the people around me were not making it any easier. When my self esteem was already low, people seemed to enjoy tearing it down even more until someone who I barely recognized was left.

Honestly speaking, back in middle school I was a very weird child. I was awkward, I didn't have many friends, and I wasn't someone who you could easily strike up a conversation with. However, it seemed that this was somehow the "okay" signal for everyone to hate me and tear my happiness away. I was treated very badly by other students, I was called names, I was insulted, I was humiliated, and the person who I thought was me was taken away. And, you know what the worst part of this was? I thought I deserved it. Why? Because the way people treated me for so long somehow told me that there was something wrong with me, that they were right to treat me that way. I hated going to school. It was something I couldn't escape, and it was something I had to face everyday. During this time, you know who was there for me? Or... more like, what was there for me? A little game called Wizard101 and a community that called themselves the twizard community.

During my first few years in the twizard community I didn't talk much. I didn't easily find the words to communicate with fellow players, although I tried. I really did. Sometimes my lack of response was because I was afraid anything I would say would be wrong. Because at the time when I was supposed to be learning how to make friends and how to socialize, the complete opposite was happening. Basically, I didn't have any social skills, which actually created some very funny stories I will tell you later in this post.

One of the biggest names I remembered being called is "rat". I was leaving school one day, minding my own business, thinking it was one of those rare, okay days, and suddenly I heard a few of the students I knew yelling at me across the hallway. "Rat", they were yelling. Not very nice. My heart sank, but then again, I was used to it. Later, during another year, I was called "Goofy." One of my peers had come up to me and said that I reminded him of Goofy from Micky Mouse. Again, it's not something a girl, who's confidence is at an all-time low, wants to hear. After this event took place, like always, everyone else followed along with what this person said.

For now, this is all I want to share about hurtful events that took place. I don't want to remember any more, it's hard for me. I hope you understand.

There was a time, towards the end of middle school, that I started gaining some confidence. So, I went up to one of my biggest aggressors, and I asked "Why do you hate me so much?" I thought that maybe I had dome something to him that I didn't realize. Maybe I was in the wrong, maybe I was the problem. His response was simply, and I quote, "If you want to know why I hate you so much, then look in the mirror." Yep, confidence officially destroyed. Someone call Bob the Builder because this is something he can't fix. This made me sad, but my day had already been destroyed by someone else. For three years, everyday, constantly, more than once, I was told very hateful things. It was a very bad time. Still, I had my escape.

Whenever I got home, whenever I had time, during weekends, during breaks, all summer long I played this game. I interacted with some of the nicest and most supportive people I have ever met. Questing, meeting new people, listening to Ravenwood Radio, going to the Ravenwood Ball, attending PvP parties, doing so many fun things made me forget about the world where I was the unhappiest and it brought me to a world where I was the happiest. So, thank you, to you reading this. Now, I don't want to end this on an unhappy note, so I will tell you a bit about my life now.

I can honestly say I am happy now. Before high school started I mentally prepared myself for the worst, but instead I got the most amazing memories i've ever made. Slowly, during freshman year, I started to make friends that made me laugh, friends that cared about me, that built me up rather than tore me down. Then, sophomore year I joined Debate, an extracurricular activity that you could compete in. I continued to make more friends, I started to be more outgoing, and my confidence started going up. Now, during Junior year, i've gained the most confidence i've ever had. I have plenty of friends, I met one of my closest friends, I was voted Vice President for an Honor Society, I talk nonstop, and i've grown. At some point during these years, I left the community for a bit. Although i'm sad I did, it allowed me to grow so that I could come back now as someone I could be proud of and as someone who was happy. So, another part of me is glad I did.

Other Positive Things that Happened Because of W101:

1. My spelling got a lot better because of the filter that W101 had in chat.
2. My vocabulary improved. (My teacher once complimented me for knowing what an Obelisk was. He said I was the only student, in years, who had answered correctly. Thanks, Krokotopia!)
3. I type a lot faster!
4. I am taught some semi-accurate History.
5. I met other people who liked the same things I did.

A Message From Me 2 You:

1. If something is happening to you that is making you unhappy, let someone know! Tell a teacher, a parent, a friend, anyone! You need to get help because it does get better. But you need to be courageous and take that first step to reach out because the people who care about you may not be aware something bad is happening to you. Speak up! Contact me, if you'd like. Just talk to someone. 
I say this, because although I was unhappy during a period of time, I know that there are people out there who have gone through much worse. I know it's hard to speak up, because i've been there. But it's something you need to do. Please do.

2. If you have a story of your own, any advice you'd like to give, please share it! Someone out there may need it. Of course, only do this as long as you feel comfortable sharing it.

3. The person that inspired me to write this was Kelsey Fireheart. You can find her on twitter as @KelseyFireheart. I definitively recommend you read her blog post, it was really moving. You can find it here: <--- Click it!

Some Funny Things:

The fact that middle school made me socially awkward did bring some funny stories.

1. One time, I was at Walmart and I was just cruising through life when a man came up to me. He asked, "Excuse me, ma'am. Do you know where the chips are?" I did know where they were..... but I panicked and I walked away without saying a word. I felt bad, haha. But he was talking to me, and my interaction skills weren't very good, and I panicked so I left. Oops. 

2. I was doing a summer engineering program, called PREP, and I met this girl there. She was nice, so we started talking. For a while we just talked about regular things like movies, shows, and hobbies we liked. Then, she asked me what my name was.... my response was, "I don't know." We started at each other for a bit. I moved on without saying a word. I PANICKED OK.


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Some Wizard101 Ideas

Hello, everyone! Here is my second post.

So, I've noticed that a lot of Wizard101 players feel as if the game is getting very repetitive. I, myself, cannot agree or disagree as i've been absent for quite a while. However, I thought i'd share some of the ideas that I think would be a very cool addition to Wizard101. Some of these I have heard from other people in the community, while some i've come up with myself. I will give credit if the idea was originally not my own. I hope you find them to be refreshing ideas.

1. Transfer Students

This idea is one that I heard from Spiral Radio 101 (originally called Ravenwood Radio when this idea was mentioned) a very long time ago. Now, i'm sure we all know who Penny Dreadful is. She's a transfer student from Marleybone seeking your help in the commons when you first begin the game. So, wouldn't it be cool to be able to create a transfer student? For example, you could create a Salamander or a Krok from Krokotopia who transferred over from Krokotopia to be a Wizard City student. You could maybe even have some original dialogue from characters and a slightly different intro. Personally, I would love to be a transfer student from Marleybone so that I could be a human dog. I think it would be really exciting to have this be a part of the game. What do you think?

2. Siding With Evil

Once again, this is an idea originally mention in Spiral Radio 101 a long time ago. What this idea brings to the table is the ability to destroy the Spiral rather than save it *evil laughter*. I know this seems dark, but rather than saving the world I think i'd be pretty cool to destroy it. Of course, nothing too extreme. Maybe just quests that allow some shenanigans to take place. For example, rather than defeating evil mobs to obtain some sort of material that will help reduce their population, we can defeat mobs (for a quest) to obtain a material that will help increase their population. Rather than defeating Nightshade to destroy the darkness enclosing Wizard City, the dark wizards should defeat Nightshade to recruit him so that he is under your control and so that he helps you bring Wizard City down. Perhaps Malistaire could even be the dark side's headmaster. Things like that.

3. Art World

This is an idea that I came up with myself. It's an idea for a new world. Within the twizard community I've noticed that there are a lot of wonderful artists. I think that there should be a world in Wizard101 that is art themed. There could be a villain that is draining the world from its life source. This could then cause the world's color to be really messed up. Some areas could have colors that don't go with the object. For example, the grass is purple, the sky is green, the people are blue. Other areas could be only a sketch because all the color is gone due to the villain's actions. Ooh, there should even be an area for digital art. An area where the buildings are technology used for drawing but it's all been infected by a virus. I would love a drawing tablet as a pet, not going to lie.

These ideas are things that I think could make Wizard101 more fun than it already is. They feel new and refreshing while still staying loyal to what Wizard101 is. I thought I would share some of them with you. Did you like them? Hate them? Let me know!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! 
First off, i'd like to apologize. I haven't exactly been around much, so I don't really know what's what. To be quite honest, i'm lost. And the thing is, i'd love to say it's been another great year with the twizard community, but the truth is that I wasn't really there. Still, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and I hope that this year brings us as much joy and laughter as the last one did. So, yay! *happy dance*

Technically speaking, this is my first blog post because on my last blog I was so inactive that it ended up getting deactivated. So, I will take the start of this year as an opportunity to start blogging. I'm not really all that great at it, but i'd like to try it out. Please, have patience with my lack of knowledge on blogging... or Wizard101... or anything, as a matter of fact. I'm learning. If you see any mistakes or anything along those lines, please don't murder me o_o
(Side Note: The blog doesn't look that great because i'm a noob and i'm not done fixing it up. Patience, young one.)
Now, getting back to the point. This is simply a post to motivate everyone to start new things, to reach your dreams, and to always remember to start small. I mean, new year, new me, right? Since i'm not very familiar with Wizard101 the way I used to be, and I can't talk about all the cool things that happened in the game throughout the year, i'm simply going to talk about some of the goals that I have for 2016, and hopefully inspire you to reach your goals too.

1. Blog

As I've stated before, I want to start blogging more often. I will do this! And, I have a few good ideas in terms of where I want to head with my blog. I may not just do the everyday gaming posts, I want to do something a little bit different. Of course, it'll be related to Wizard101.

2. Be Healthy

For 2016, I want to feel better about myself in terms of fitness. I want to feel healthy because so far, procrastination, gaming, and Netflix have been my life. Not very good choices if I want to be able to take the stairs without looking like a dying walrus.
I know many people out there have this same goal, so just remember that when exercising you're actually a vampire...
I have such amazing words of wisdom.

3. Play Wizard101

As some of you may know, I haven't been around for a while, but i'm back! And I wanna make the most out of it. My third goal is to dedicate some of my time to the twizard community, whether that's through Wizard101, blogging, or twitter, it doesn't matter. I simply want to be more connected to the amazing community that we have, because i've missed it.

Your turn!

Tell me, what are some of your goals? Do you share some of them with me? Or not? Let me know! I believe in you, remember that anything is possible as long as you work hard.

Without further ado, I will now make my exist.